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Every Kowhai roof is covered by two Warranties... 







Workmanship Warranty


Workmanship Warranties are essentially covered by the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act and requires that all goods and services meet the minimum guarantees for the products and services sold to consumers. These include that goods and services are of an acceptable quality and that repair facilities, refunds or replacements will be available for a reasonable time if goods the goods or services are faulty or substandard.


On the rare occasion that a leak has occurred as a result of our restoration process, it will become evident within days or weeks of completion. Typically, when a problem arises months or years down the track it’s almost always due to another roofing element failing.

Product Warranty


We offer a 12 year Product Warranty but our expectation is that your roof coating will last considerably longer than that. Yes, after 12 years we expect that it will have faded a little (how much really depends on where you live), but it should still look good, and provide a totally waterproof coating on the surface. Just as you’d expect when you buy a new car, some simple, regular maintenance is required to ensure the Warranty remains valid.


Both our warranties are transferable subject to the maintenance requirements being met.

5 Year Warranty
12 Year Warranty
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