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Decramastic Roof

1  Cleaning

The roof will be soft-washed.  If there is mould and lichen growth the roof will be treated with Kowhai Koklean Green.


This process may take a few weeks to kill off the growth before it can be removed.


2  Preparation & Repairs

Any dents in the chip-coated tiles will be popped out where possible and tiles will be replaced where they cannot be repaired.
Ridges, flashings and valleys will be checked and repaired or replaced as required.


3  Rust Treatment

Any areas of rust will be treated with a rust converter or anti-corrosive primer to hold and prevent any further rusting.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 093009

4  Stone Coat

The Kowhai StoneCoat ColourCoat will then be applied.  StoneCoat is a 100% acrylic, high build topcoat, encapsulating stone  chips and made to the colour selected from our Kowhai Colour Chart.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 092727
  • What is the difference between roof paint and Kowhai's Roof Coating System?
    The Kowhai Roof Coating System is a complete paint system, designed for each particular type of roof. It has been developed and manufactured here in New Zealand so that the coating provides the best adhesion to that surface, while providing the longest possible protection for your roof. Each of the Kowhai Roof Coating Systems are formulated using the latest 100% acrylic technology, to ensure protection from the New Zealand weather conditions.
  • Why not do the job yourself?
    Inexperienced homeowners need to be aware of the risks of climbing up and walking over their roof – not only the risk from a fall at height, but the risk of damaging the roofing material. Never walk on ‘brittle roofing’, skylights or clear sheeting. ​Avoid the hazards by leaving it to an expert. If your roof needs checking or you have a roof leak, it is best to employ an expert to undertake the work for you. Walking around on a roof can be dangerous.
  • What Safety Precautions are taken?
    Kowhai Professionals are all safety conscious. Having safe workers is important for you too - how would you feel if someone injured themselves while working on your house or, even worse, became a fatal statistic. For this reason, we fully support improved safety requirements when working at heights. Most jobs require edge protection to be installed. It may cost a little more to have scaffolding installed but it brings peace of mind for everyone.
  • Will re-coating fix all the problems on my roof?
    Your Kowhai Professional will do necessary repairs and maintenance work before commencing the coating service. For example, cracked or broken cement mortar bedding to the ridge and hip capping will be re-bedded or repointed. The individual roof tiles will be replaced if they are cracked or broken and displaced tiles will be put back into their proper position. In severe cases of a pitted or eroded roof, particularly if it has become extremely porous (absorbing water) it would not be appropriate to recoat the roof. We will let you know rather than doing an inferior or short-term fix job. Roof leaks - if the roof leaks prior to a roof restoration, your Kowhai Guy will advise on whether they are able to fix/repair it or whether the work required is outside of their scope. A roof restoration weatherproofs the surface of your roof (ie: the concrete tiles get coated so as to not absorb water) - but not all the roofing structure is restored as we can’t attend to what we can’t see. Sometimes a more invasive roof inspection is required for leak repairs which is not part of the normal restoration process. Occasionally roof leaks may come from our restoration efforts and of course we will put that right, but more often, roof leaks that occur sometime after our restoration stem from the failure of other roofing elements not associated with our workmanship. These are normally easily identified and in most cases our Kowhai Guys can assist but this may incur a separate quote.
  • Is it worth restoring my roof?
    Yes, provided your roof is suitable to restore. Depending on the age of the roof, it can extend the life of the roof at least a further 15-20 years and will renew its appearance to as new. Replacing a roof is expensive, disruptive, and wasteful of resources. Maintaining our assets, to get the longest life possible, is the best approach for the environment.
  • Can terracotta tiles be restored?
    Yes, it's possible to restore your terracotta tiles however the process is different to working on concrete or decramastic tiles as terracotta can become very brittle with age. And because terracotta tiles are made with clay they are a lot more porous and can retain water so we recommend cleaning and re-glazing rather than recoating. Your local Kowhai Guy will be able to assess whether your terracotta tiles are suitable for restoration.
  • What warranties do you give and what do they really mean?
    Every Kowhai roof coating is covered by two warranties – A Workmanship Warranty and a Product Warranty. Workmanship Warranties are essentially covered by the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act and requires that all goods meet the minimum guarantees for the products and services sold to consumers. These include that goods are of an acceptable quality and that repair facilities, refunds or replacements will be available for a reasonable time if goods the goods or services are faulty or substandard. We’re so confident in the quality of our workmanship that when we say 5 years that’s our minimum expectation. We take responsibility for the roof and our actions on it for well beyond that term and as long as is reasonable. On the rare occasion that a leak has occurred as a result of our restoration process, it has become evident within days or weeks of completion. Typically, when a problem arises months or years down the track it’s almost always due to another roofing element failing. Product Warranty - We offer a 12 year Warranty but our expectation is that your roof coating will last considerably longer than that. Yes, after 12 years we expect that it will have faded a little (how much really depends on where you live), but it should still look good, and provide a totally waterproof coating on the surface. Just as you’d expect when you but a new car, some simple, regular maintenance is required to ensure the Warranty remains valid. Both our warranties are transferable subject to the maintenance requirements being met.
  • What maintenance is required?
    Pollutants, dirt and moss all degrade the roof coating. By cleaning and moss treating your roof you ensure that the roof maintains its good looks for longer. To get the benefit of the warranty, it is a requirement that a Kowhai Professional returns every three years and services the roof with moss treatment. It’s a quick, simple and cost-effective process.

Before and After

Ranch Brown - Timaru-
Re-coated in Ironsand
Re-coated in Ranch Brown
Re-coated in Standard Grey

For more pictures of Kowhai roof recoats visit our gallery.

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