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We've worked hard to maintain the highest standards. Some people use our strong reputation to dupe people into dealing with them, when they otherwise would not. Please be warned.

Michael (Mike) Singh

SUPERB PAINTING & RENOVATIONS LIMITED (In Liquidation owing $480,000) - Michael (Jaswant) Singh - Auckland.
We have heard a variety of complaints about Mr Singh.
The common thing is that the customers were all unhappy having been lead to believe they were dealing with a genuine Kowhai Professional.
He has been asked by our lawyers to cease this misleading behaviour - but he denies he has done anything wrong.

Our advice is simple - DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS PERSON!

The following people are past employees or Kowhai Franchisees that have been reported to be passing themselves as Kowhai affiliated.

Please be in no doubt they are no longer part of Kowhai, nor can they sell our coating systems:

  • Danie and Tiaan Coetzee - DTK Projects and Maintenance Ltd

  • John Snyman - Waikato Roof Coatings Ltd

  • Laine Dunn - Transformation Property Maintenance Ltd

  • Vinny Chaw - Canterbury Roof Restoration Ltd 

​If you are in any doubt or would like to tell us of your experiences - please call our General Manager Brett Wilson 0274 468 991

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